Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

PSSJ Young Scientist Award | January 29(Mon) – February 13 (Tue) February 21 (Wed) JST 17:00,2024 Closed
Poster Presentation /PSSJ Poster Award | January 29(Mon) – February 19 (Mon) February 26 (Mon) JST 17:00,2024 Closed


  • Only members of the Protein Science Society of Japan are allowed to give a presentation at this meeting. Join the PSSJ from the link below.

Apply for PSSJ Membership fromhere.
Please pay an annual membership fee for FY2024 (starting April 2024) if you are a newcomer (fee for FY2023 (ending March 2024) is not required).
If you are already a member, please pay the annual fee for FY2024

  • Please complete registration prior to abstract submission.

  • Only one abstract can be submitted per person as a presenter.
    *Those who have applied for the “Young Scientist Award” or “Poster Award” cannot apply for poster presentation.


Presentation Category

Please select one from the following categories.

– Structural biology
– Computation/Information science
– Protein/Cellular functions, Imaging
– Biophysics, Protein Folding
– Proteomics / Protein engineering

Presentation Language / Slides

  1. PSSJ Young Scientist Award: Both presentation and slides in English
    *Application form (MS Word) and abstract in English as well.
  2. PSSJ Poster Award: Presentation in any language, poster and slides for flash talk in English
  3. Poster presentation: Presentation in any language, poster in English

Online Submission Guidelines

  • Please make sure to keep the 5-digit registration number that are issued when you complete abstract submission and password. Both are necessary to modify your abstract. The meeting secretariat cannot respond to inquiries regarding the registration number or password.
  • The character limit is 1,260 characters for English abstracts (630 two-byte characters for Japanese abstracts). Please prepare your abstract before online submission.
  • Abstract submission confirmation notice will be sent to your registered e-mail address automatically after you complete your submission (modification). When you do not receive the e-mail, your submission (modification) may not be completed, or e-mail address you registered may not be valid.
  • Please do NOT use a free e-mail account
    The confirmation e-mail may not successfully be delivered to a free e-mail account.
  • Charts cannot be included in an abstract.
  • Please enter contact information of the presenter in the contact information column.


*Feb1 OPEN

Applicants for the Young Scientist Award should send an application form (MS Word) in addition to abstract submission. Please download the form, fill it out with necessary
information and send an e-mail with the form attached to the secretariat
The application form in MS Word should be prepared in one page on an A4 sheet. Please describe your research by using texts, charts or images freely so that it appeals to others.

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