Due to the high season, it is expected that it will be hard to make reservations for flights and hotel rooms during/before and after the meeting period.
We recommend making reservations early.
Late Registration: June 3 (Mon)-June 13 (Thu), 2024
※Only credit card payments are acceptable.
※Password to browse abstracts will be provided after the payment of the registration fee is completed.

1. Online registration system

1) Please access the online registration system placed at the bottom of this page. Click “Create a New Account”, and then enter the required information to create your account.
2) Once log in to your account, “Registration” button is displayed. Please follow the instructions on the registration page and enter the required information.

2. Payment method

*The registration fees cannot be refunded for any reasons.
〇 Credit card:
We accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club.

〇 Postal or Bank transfer for participants living in Japan:
※Available only for early registration
Please transfer the registration fee to the following account at the nearest post bank using the transfer form provided.
(Transfer by ATM or internet banking is also available. If you have any inquiries regarding transfer, please ask each bank)
Make sure to specify the following information on the transfer form;
– Registration number which is provided upon completion of online registration
– Registrant’s name
– Registrant’s affiliation
Account No. : 00130-5-421826
Account name : (株)エー・イー企画 24蛋白質科学会
カ)エーイーキカク ニジュウヨンタンパクシツカガクカイ
Bank name: Japan post bank Branch: 019
Account type: Checking Account Account number: 0421826
Account name: (株)エー・イー企画 24蛋白質科学会
カ)エーイーキカク ニジュウヨンタンパクシツカガクカイ
*Please note that any bank charges shall be borne by the remitter.

3. Registration fees

  Early Late
Meeting Banquet Meeting Banquet
Member Regular JPY 10,000 JPY 7,000 JPY 11,000 JPY 8,000
Student JPY 2,000 JPY 3,000 JPY 4,000 JPY 4,000
Non-Member Regular JPY 14,000 JPY 7,000 JPY 15,000 JPY 8,000
Student JPY 4,000 JPY 3,000 JPY 5,000 JPY 4,000

※For Undergraduate Students:
Registration fee will be waived. Please email a copy of your student ID to PSSJ2024 secretariat.
※Even if poster presenters are undergraduate students, the registration fee will be waived. (Update 1 on Feb. 16)
※However, if you are not an undergraduate student during the meeting, the registration fee will not be waived.
 Please select the appropriate paid category. (Update 2 on Feb. 16)

Special exemption:
Foreign participants who are members of the Protein Society or the Asia Pacific Protein Association are eligible to register as “PSSJ “Member” and submit abstracts without being PSSJ members. Please follow the procedure below.
*Please note that this exemption does not apply to the foreign participants staying in Japan.

Please access the on-line registration system placed at the bottom of this page and proceed with the registration according to the above instruction of “1. Online registration system”.
Please email a required document below to PSSJ2024 secretariat in order to apply for special exemption when you complete the registration procedure.
PSSJ2024 secretariat:

For Protein Society members:
Please submit a copy of receipt for 2024 membership.

For Asia Pacific Protein Association members:
If you are a member of the regional protein societies under APPA, please provide a document verifying that you paid an annual fee. If there is no regional society, please submit a recommendation letter from the APPA council of each country.

4. Program booklet・Name badge / Receipt

Program booklet・Name badge:
Early registration participants: Delivered from secretariat around June late May,2024.
Late registration participants: Please show the email for registration completed at the on-site
                 registration desk to receive the name badge and a program booklet.

The receipt for the registration fee can be downloaded from the registration system.
Please login and click on the “Receipt” button to go to the download page.
If you pay by postal/bank transfer, it may take some time to be available to download.

5. Membership numbers of PSSJ

If you forgot your PSSJ membership number, please contact PSSJ secretariat as below.

PSSJ secretariat: Click here


Date: June 12 (Wed) 18:45-20:45
Venue: Sapporo Convention Center

Scheduled to start June 26.

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