Information for Organizers and Presenters

Information for Symposia/Workshops Organizers


All organizers are required on-site participation.


Please come to the chair’s seat in the session room at least 10 minutes before the start of the session.
In case of any changes in order or time of presentations, please let the staff know.


Session progress will be notified with bell signals.
Timing of bell signals will be confirmed on the session day.

Information for Symposia/Workshops Presenters


Presenters are requested on-site presentations.

Presentation method

Presentations are to be given with your own laptop. Please be sure to bring your own laptop. Please refer to “Technical Requirements for Your Laptop Computer” below.

Presentation slides

Please set aspect ratio 16:9.


Please bring your laptop to the “Preview desk” in your session room at least 10 minutes before the start of your presentation.

Time Allocation

Presentation times are as follows;
Symposium/Workshop Organizers will decide on the time allocation and that of presentation and discussion differ depending on the talk.
The secretariat will inform detailed information by email.
Young Scientist Award Symposium 15minutes(presentation 12minutes, Q&A 3minutes)
【Technical requirements for your laptop】
  • The following HDMI connector is necessary to connect your laptop to the projector.
    Some laptops may require an accessory connector. Please be sure to bring it if necessary.
  • Please be sure to bring an AC adaptor for your computer.
  • Please deactivate the screen-saver and power saving mode of your laptop.

Information for Poster presenters

Posting June 11,12 8:30-10:30
June 13 8:15-10:30
Display June 11,June 12 10:30-18:30
June 13 10:30-15:30
Discussion June 11 Odd-numbers 13:50-14:50
Even-numbers 14:50-15:50
June 12 Odd-numbers 13:45-14:45
Even-numbers 14:45-15:45
June 13 Odd-numbers 13:30-14:30
Even-numbers 14:30-15:30
Removal June 11,June 12 18:30-18:45
June 13 15:30-15:45
Request for applicants of the Poster award.
For the first 10 minutes from the beginning of the discussion time, please give a presentation preferentially to the judges who wear yellow ribbons on their chests.

Posting/Removal: Please follow as above times. In case of delay due to your itinerary, please be sure to post by the discussion time.
Any posters left after the removal time will be discarded by the secretariat.

1) Panel
The presentation numbers without “P-“ are shown on each panel.
The panel space is 90 cm wide x 210 cm high.
2) Push pins for posting the poster
Push pins will be prepared on the panel.
3) Mark for Presenter’s Name
Place a small circle mark to the left of the presenter’s name.
4) Text Size
The poster text should be large enough to be legible from a distance of about 2-3 meters (6.5 feet). Illustrations and charts should be as large as possible.

Information for Poster Award Flash Talk Presenters

1) Time and Method

Please make 1minute oral presentation with only 1 slide (PDF).

2) Presentation slide

You are required to submit your presentation slide (PDF) via the online system on the meeting website no later than May 27 (Mon), JST 13:00.
Please note that we cannot accept any replacement, modification or correction of the file at the meeting site.

【Guideline for How to Make the Presentation slide】

① Available OS and Applications
【Windows】            Windows 7 or later version
         PowerPoint 2000 or later version
【Macintosh】         OS 10.4 or later version
         PowerPoint 2004 or later version
         Please be sure to convert to PDF and send it to us.
② Presentation slides
  Please set aspect ratio 16:9.
③ Fonts
  To avoid character corruptions, use OS’s standard fonts
  (Times, Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Symbol).
④ File name
  Please name your file as “Presentation Number-Your Name.pdf”(i.e.1P111-Smith.pdf).
  Please be sure to convert to PDF and send it to us.
⑤ Remark
  Your data files loaded on the computer will be completely deleted after your talk.
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